International Research Collaborations

What to know

International research collaborations often require compliance with multiple areas of export control, including: international travelshippingoff-campus research, and foreign national visits to MIT campus. The people and institutions you plan to collaborate with should be checked to see if they are on the restricted parties lists or on the Entity List. The Export control Office can check this for you. Exchanging ANY material with Entity List institutions can result in severe fines and other consequences.

Informal collaborations

Informal collaborations,  where there is no written agreement or exchange of funds, can still leave MIT researchers vulnerable to legal or financial penalties.  Researchers (including staff, postdocs, and graduate students) should report informal collaborations in the Informal International Collaborations (IIC) tool. The VPR Compliance team will review each submitted collaboration and contact the researcher with any questions or concerns.

Need help?

Contact MIT Export Control Officer, Janet C. Johnston, or the Compliance Administrator, at, by phone at 617-253-2762 (Janet), or visit in person at NE18-901.