Instructions for Financial Primary Authorizers

Departmental administrators can be granted access to view the “Department Overview” feature within the Research@MIT app. With the Department Overview feature, an administrator will be able to see all the information gathered by the app for PIs based in the administrator’s unit, as well as for PIs based elsewhere who have awards or proposals in the administrator’s unit.

To grant access to this feature to colleagues in your department, you will need to assign them the “Department Admin” role via the Roles database. Here’s how:

Instructions for Assigning the new role:

To assign the role to a user, from the Roles database, select:

  1. Create Authorization
  2. Enter the Kerberos userid for the individual that needs access
  3. Select Category = “KCOS”
  4. Select Function = “Department Admin”
  5. Qualifier code field: Enter the unit number
  6. Click “Create”

For questions regarding Roles or assigning the authorization, please contact