Research Development

Research Development at MIT is a unit within the Office of the Vice President for Research tasked with strategically leveraging resources to increase MIT's research competitiveness. In particular, Research Development staff work directly with faculty, Institute administration, strategic partners and funders to facilitate research program funding.

Research Development's responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing and managing institutionally limited submission funding opportunities
  • Disseminating institutionally limited funding opportunities via the MIT Fund Ops listserv
  • Developing resources and programming to raise awareness of relevant funding opportunities and enhance proposal competitiveness
  • Managing the institutional endorsement process on behalf of the Office of the Vice President of Research for select internal funding opportunities and prestigious fellowships
  • Providing advice and guidance for managing school and departmental level internal funding competitions, including using InfoReady

Contact Research Development

For questions and general inquiries please contact us.

Susan Gomes, M.A., Director of Research Development
Email: | Office: NE18-901

Karen Wang, Ph.D., Sr. Research Development Officer
Phone: 617-258-6829 | | Office: NE18-901

Joe O’Brien, MBA, Program Manager
Phone: 617-258-5296 | | Office: NE18-901 

Tarnjit “Tannu” Singh, M.A., Program Manager
Phone: 617-253-9694 | Email: | Office: NE18-901 

Related Offices

Other offices at MIT assist in securing specific types of funding.