Limited Submissions

Limited submission proposals are funding opportunities in which the sponsor restricts the number of applications that may be submitted from MIT. The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) centrally manages limited submission proposals. Funding opportunities, prize competitions, and award nominations with institutional limits require an internal competition. Research Development, a unit of the OVPR, hosts internal competitions to select which applicants may move forward in the submission process. 

Internal Competition Materials

Required internal competition materials reflect the materials required by the sponsor. They include a cover page with the PI name and key personnel, a project summary, CV/Biosketch, and a budget summary. A budget summary should include enough information for the internal selection committee to understand how the budget will be allocated if funded. In some cases, when there is an underrecovery component or mandatory time release for the faculty, department heads may be asked to provide a brief statement of support.

Internal Process

  1. Announcements for internal competitions are made via the MIT Fund Ops listserv. A list of all active and archived internal competitions can be found on the MIT Funding Opportunities portal.
  2. Applications for internal competitions are submitted through the MIT Funding Opportunities portal. 
  3. The Associate Vice President for Research Administration, with input and recommendations from a committee of deans, determines which internal applicants will be selected to apply to the funding opportunity.  
  4. All applicants will receive confirmation of the receipt of their application and at the close of the internal competition an update regarding the status  

Contact Research Development

If you are interested in submitting an application to a limited submission and no internal competition announcement has been posted in the MIT Funding Opportunities portal, please email and let us know of your interest in applying as soon as possible. 

For questions, comments or feedback on the limited submission process, please contact the research development team at