Equalizing Insurance Costs

In accordance with the Vice President for Research’s Statement on Salary and Benefits, the VPR asks DLCI administrators to work with faculty hosts of postdoctoral fellows to offset insurance costs so that a postdoctoral fellow’s out-of-pocket expense for premiums does not exceed that of a postdoctoral associate.

Options for faculty hosts to offset insurance costs for fellows include:

  • Pay insurance premium directly
    • Must use discretionary or general funds
    • Doesn’t affect fellow’s income/tax liability

Provide fellow with a supplement (concurrent Postdoctoral Associate appointment)

  • Fellowship must not prohibit additional compensation
  • Can be charged to sponsored funds (grant or contract)
    • Note:  federal fellowships cannot be supplemented with funding from other federal awards
  • May increase fellow’s tax liability

Salary charged to the sponsored award is also subject to employee benefits rate and overhead (no exceptions)