Research Computing

The Research Computing Project, sponsored by the Vice President for Research, aims to ensure a computing infrastructure that can sustain world-leading research computing initiatives across all areas and disciplines.

MIT maintains three shared facility locations to support power intensive computing infrastructure for research. The facilities at the Bates Linear Accelerator Center and Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Facility each employ containment systems for handling exhaust heat, which increases their efficiency and lowers MIT’s overall energy and emissions footprint.

The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC)

The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC) is a joint Boston University, Harvard, M.I.T, Northeastern and UMass facility located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. MIT has a pre-allocated set of 68 racks at the facility that can be rented for computer use. The facility can support 950KW in computer load in this space, with additional racks available if circumstances support that. MGHPCC connects to the main campus via a dedicated 10 gigabit ethernet link. The site is about two hours drive from Cambridge.

Details on renting space at MGHPCC can be found here.

Bates High Performance Computing Center

The Bates Linear Accelerator Center, located in Middleton, Massachusetts and operated by the Laboratory for Nuclear Science (LNS) within the School of Science, also maintains a high performance computing facility. The facility has a total of 70 racks that it rents out to high performance computing customers. The facility can support 700KW in computer load and is connected back to main campus via a 10 gigabit ethernet private network link that supports 18. subnets on machines at Bates. The site is about 45 minutes drive from Cambridge.

Details on renting space at Bates can be found here.


The W91 main campus facility is suited to housing lower power density installations that have requirements for physical proximity to main campus. The facility is located on the main MIT campus, about 10 minutes walk from the MIT dome. It can accommodate about 40 racks and about 240KW load.

Details on renting space in W91 can be found here.