International Scientists Visiting MIT

International scientists visiting campus should be screened before collaborating on research at MIT. Note that US permanent residents are considered US persons and do not need to be screened. 

Screen for presence on restricted parties lists

Screen any visitors and their home institutions against the lists of restricted parties. If the screening results in a match, contact MIT Export Control and include their names and CVs (if available). 

Important: If your visitor has connections to Entity List institutions either before, during or after their visit to MIT, they and any other MIT people are prohibited from sending any material, even a coffee cup, to these institutions. It is a violation of US regulations and can result in a fine of up to $1 million. 


Follow technology control plans for export-controlled material

The release of export-controlled technology or software to a non-US persons (even in the U.S.) is “deemed” to be an export to that person’s country of origin. International scientists visiting MIT are not allowed to access certain controlled technology. If conducting research using controlled technology, or if there is controlled material in your DLCI, follow the technology control plan. 

Assess and mitigate risk

Review Assessing and Mitigating Risk to understand whether hosting visitors poses risks to you or your research program.