Foundation Funding

The Office of Foundation Relations (OFR) identifies, cultivates, and engages foundations to maximize support to the Institute from this sector. OFR staff work to identify foundation opportunities aligned with Institute priorities across the campus and to develop strategies for successful approaches. 

OFR staff serve as relationship managers for a large portfolio of foundations, where they design and implement a coordinated strategy for MIT to maximize support from foundation partners. The OFR team can assist the MIT community with all aspects of engaging with foundations.

OFR also tracks and organizes active foundation-sponsored Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from a variety of sources through the dissemination of a once-per-month newsletter, distributed via the MIT Fund Ops listserv.

Please note, many foundations request that all communication between the Institute and the foundation be coordinated through a single point of contact. Please contact the MIT Office of Foundation Relations at prior to reaching out to foundations directly.