Under-recovery Pilot

The information below is for current participants in the pilot of the under-recovery feature of the Research@MIT app. This page will be frequently updated throughout the pilot.
If your DLCI would like to participate in the pilot, contact ra-help@mit.edu to learn how to enroll.

Downloading Research@MIT

Research@MIT is available to download at https://apps.mit.edu. Learn how to get started with the app


Faculty may submit under-recovery requests without being assigned a role in Research@MIT. Reviewing requests and approving requests require specific roles:

  • Dept Admin: May create requests, review and submit requests to Dept Approver
  • Dept Approver: May review and approve the under-recovery request. Dept Approver may be either department head or administrator as proxy for department head.

Contact ra-help@mit.edu to be assigned a role for under-recovery requests in Research@MIT. 

Submitting and Approving Requests

  1. In Under Recovery area of app, faculty or Dept Admin creates the request. If the KC proposal budget is marked "For Submission", under-recovery amounts will automatically appear in the app. 
  2. Faculty or Dept Admin submits request to Dept Admin.
  3. In Under Recovery area of app, Dept Admin reviews and either submits to Dept Approver or returns to requester.
  4. In Under Recovery Review area of app, Dept Approver reviews and either approves request or returns to requester. 
  5. If the request is approved, the approval will be automatically attached to the KC proposal as an internal attachment.

Any returned requests can be edited by the requester and re-submitted for approval.

Dual roles

Those with dual roles (Dept Admin, Dept Approver) will need to follow all steps individually. They cannot issue one approval for multiple steps. 

Elevated requests

Most under-recovery requests should be submitted through the app. However, requests requiring additional approval should be emailed to the dean (or to the VPR, for units reporting to the VPR):

  • Requests for restricted sponsors, including for-profit, foreign government, or federal (other than training programs)
  • Requests from non-faculty PIs
  • Requests that will use most or all DLCI under-recovery allocation funding

Though under-recovery for NIH K99 and certain Simon Foundations Independence awards is fully funded by the Institute, faculty should still use the Research@MIT app to make requests for these awards.

Responding to updated budgets/SOWs

When a DLCI prepares a KC Budget SOW Update proposal where under-recovery is different from the original UR approval:

  1. A request is automatically entered in Research@MIT. 
  2. Dept Approver(s) will receive an email notification there is an updated budget for their review in the app in the Under Recovery Approvals area under Updated Budgets.  
  3. Dept Approver(s) may either approve or decline the request, or return to Dept Admin(s) for editing, as needed. 

Features Scheduled for Future Phases

  • Ability for administrators to create a request without being assigned a role
  • Routing requests with multiple accounts to other DLCIs for approval
  • Routing requests requiring additional approvals to the dean and/or VPR
  • Custom views for additional insight into requests from individual PIs or DLCIs
  • View-only role for those without Dept Admin or Dept Approver access
  • Including information on under-recovery spending in the current fiscal year
  • Reporting support, based on input from pilot users

If you have additional feedback, contact ra-help@mit.edu.

Updated April 16, 2024