Teaching Courses Abroad and Online

What to Know About Teaching Abroad and Online

  • All export control laws apply to you whether you teach an entire course or only part of a course
  • All students must be screened on the Restricted Parties List 
  • You cannot teach anything considered a defense service, transfer of technical ITAR data, transfer of EAR restricted technology, principles not commonly taught, sensitive nuclear technology or encryption 
  • You cannot teach students from OFAC-sanctioned countries (Iran, Sudan, Cuba, Iraq, Crimea, etc.) or terrorist states (North Korea, Syria, etc.) unless you are granted an export license from the US government 

Checklist Before You Teach Abroad or Online

  • Review your course content to ensure you do not teach:
  • Contact MIT Export Control for instructions on screening students from the following restricted countries:
    • Crimea
    • Sudan
    • Iran
    • North Korea
    • Cuba
    • Syria
  • Contact MIT Export Control if you need help determining whether your course content is restricted by export control laws

More information on teaching abroad is available here

More information on online education is available here

Need help?

Contact MIT Export Control Officer, Janet C. Johnston, or the Compliance Administrator, at exportcontrolhelp@mit.edu, by phone at 617-253-2762 (Janet), or visit in person at NE18-901.