Foreign Engagement

U.S. academic research institutions are open to people of all backgrounds and nations. This openness is not only a matter of principle; this approach and the underlying policies that have enabled it have allowed the U.S. to achieve unparalleled levels of academic excellence and innovation.

MIT strongly supports international collaborations across the global community for the stimulation of scientific ideas and service. The intention of the guidance provided here is not to prevent or limit international collaborations, rather it is to make the MIT community aware of specific concerns regarding undue foreign influence in research and the processes that we have in place at MIT to mitigate undue foreign influence through disclosure and transparency.

Educating Yourself and Your Colleagues

The best way to mitigate concerns regarding foreign influence is to educate yourself and your students and colleagues. MIT has prepared a discussion guide for PIs to support informational conversations with advisees and members of your research group on several important topics. In addition, you can learn more about relevant regulations and policies, completing all sponsor and Institute disclosure procedures, and how to provide updates regarding any new or changing relationships with foreign entities.

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