Replacement Equipment

Capital equipment (> $5,000) cannot be purchased using a Service Center internal order. It is not appropriate to charge current users with costs associated with future periods. This limits the options for acquiring new or replacement capital equipment.

The Vice President for Research has limited funds available to replace existing capital equipment. Requests for equipment loans, leases and replacement funds are considered on a case-by-case basis.   

Request for Service Center Equipment Replacement

To request equipment replacement funds, fill out the Request for Financial Assistance Service Center Equipment Replacement Form [PDF], and forward it to Ron Hasseltine ( at the Office of the Vice President for Research and to John Donahue ( in the Office of Cost Analysis, NE18-901.

Request for an advance of internal funds or a lease of capital equipment

To request authorization to lease or an advance of internal funds to acquire service center equipment, a formal request must be forwarded to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer and the Office of the Vice President for Research with a copy to Joe Foley (617-452-5045) in the Office of Cost Analysis. The request must be signed by the appropriate Dean and Department Head or Lab or Center Director, clearly describe the equipment, the need it will fill, and the reason why a loan or lease is necessary and appropriate. The request must include a statement of fiscal responsibility guaranteeing payment/repayment. Additionally, the request must include:

Profit Center #

Service Center Name

Service Center Cost Object #

Discretionary Funds Cost Object # (for interest payments, if necessary)

Note: Should requests be approved, separate equipment rates will need to be developed and billed using unique GL accounts such that no F&A is applied to equipment costs.