Research Council


The purpose of the Council is to bring together the research laboratory and center community to work on issues of research policy, opportunities for new initiatives and the evolution and needs for a prosperous and productive research environment at MIT. The meetings will be used to address issues of common interest to the research community and to communicate, through the work of the council, to the Offices of the VP for Research and the Provost.

We are proud of the diverse environment created by our laboratories and centers. Sometimes the structure is portrayed as a matrix, with the departments being the columns and the lab and center being the rows. Through the Research Council, we strive to enhance the communication between the rows of the matrix to enable laboratories having compatible areas of expertise to ease the seamless interaction across laboratory and center boundaries. We also aim to better articulate our unified values within MIT and the outside world.


The council meets on an adhoc basis.


The Vice President for Research (Maria Zuber) will chair the Council.


The council will be comprised of the leaders of the major laboratories and centers on campus.

Name Title Affiliation
Robert Armstrong Director MIT Energy Initiative
Jesus del Alamo Director Microsystems Technology Laboratories
Marc Baldo Director Research Laboratory for Electronics 
Robert Desimone Director McGovern Institute for Brain Research
Jacquin Niles Director Center for Environmental Health Sciences
Robert Simcoe Director Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
TBA Director Media Laboratory
Tyler Jacks Director Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
John Joannopoulos Director Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
Geoffrey Beach Director MIT Materials Research Science and Engineering Center 
Daniela Rus Director Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Carl Thompson Director Materials Research Laboratory
Li-Huei Tsai Director Picower Institute for Learning and Memory
Dennis Whyte Director Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Boleslaw Wyslouch Director Laboratory for Nuclear Science
Staff to the Council
Ron Hasseltine Assistant Provost for Research Administration Office of the VP for Research