RCR Training Reports

The Responsible Conduct of Research Report displays those individuals that are required to take RCR Training and haven’t yet completed the training. There are two different reports/views available, listed as separate tabs at the top of the report.

  • RCR Training Required – A list of all MIT individuals who are required to complete RCR training
  • All Awards with RCR Requirement – A list of all MIT awards requiring RCR training

To view the reports sign in via the Tableau Server - scroll down and to the right until you find the blue “Sign in to Tableau Server” button.

  • Filters allow you to view a certain subset of the data in a report. The published Tableau reports usually have several filters, to allow you to filter the data by different fields. These can look different, depending on the type of filter used:

    • Checkbox filters allow you to select or deselect the filter criteria for that field by clicking in one or more boxes to check or uncheck them:
    checkbox filter unchecked
    • Depending on how long the list of checkboxes is for a specific field, it may appear as a drop-down menu.

    Click on the black arrow on the right side of the filter box to access the drop-down menu, and then select or de-select the checkboxes as needed:

    carrot filter open screen
    • Some dropdown filters are built with a Search option. These will have a box where you can start typing the option you’re trying to find, and the filter options will automatically show the options that match the text you entered:
    search bar screen
    • The data in the report will automatically change as filters are selected or deselected
    • If you have deselected data in a filter and would like to see all of the data for that particular filter again, simply click on the (All) check box to repopulate the filter with all of the choices available
    • You also have the option to click on this icon of a funnel with a red X to clear your filter selection:
    clear filter screen
  • 1. Select the desired report to run

    2. Click in the white space of the report

    3. Select Download in the bottom right corner of the Tableau report

    RCR tableau report menu bar image

    4. Select PDF from the Download Box

    File download format drop down box image

    5. Select the following options in the Download PDF dialog box:

    • Include: Specific sheets from this dashboard

      • Ensure the sheet is selected by looking for the box containing a check mark
    • Scaling: At most 1 page wide
    • Paper Size: Letter
    • Orientation: Landscape

    6. Select Download

    7. Open the PDF and select Print or Download to save