International Shipping

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Export Control
  • Export control laws
  • Identifying Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN)
Janet Johnston
Environmental Health Safety (EHS)
  • Packing and shipping chemicals, biologicals, hazardous, or radioactive material
  • Packing and shipping dry ice
EHS Office
  • Picking up and dropping off packages
  • Schedule B
  • Harmonized Codes
  • Shipping documentation
Sue Bolster
VP for Finance (VPF) eShipGlobal eShipGlobal Help
Insurance Insurance for international shipments over $15,000 Sarah Brown

What to Know

  • Every international shipment is an export and is subject to US export control law.
  • US law restricts the shipment of some materials to certain individuals, institutions, and countries.
  • It is illegal to ship an item to a party if you suspect that the item will be transferred to a prohibited party.

Before You Ship

Shipping Instructions

Tips for easy and successful shipping

Need help?

Contact MIT Export Control Officer, Janet C. Johnston, or the Compliance Administrator, at, by phone at 617-253-2762 (Janet), or visit in person at NE18-901.