International Shipping

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Export Control
  • Export control laws
  • Identifying Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN)
Export Control Team
Environmental Health Safety (EHS)
  • Packing and shipping chemicals, biologicals, hazardous, or radioactive material
  • Packing and shipping dry ice
EHS Office
  • Picking up and dropping off packages
  • Schedule B
  • Harmonized Codes
  • Shipping documentation
Sue Bolster
VP for Finance (VPF) eShipGlobal eShipGlobal Help
Insurance Insurance for international shipments over $15,000 Sarah Brown

What to Know

  • Every international shipment is an export and is subject to US export control law.
  • US law restricts the shipment of some materials to certain individuals, institutions, and countries.
  • It is illegal to ship an item to a party if you suspect that the item will be transferred to a prohibited party.

Before You Ship

Shipping Instructions

Tips for easy and successful shipping

Need help?

Contact the MIT Export Control Compliance Team at, or by phone at 617-253-2762 (Janet Johnston).