Instructions to Set Up Your CITI Account

If this is your first time entering the CITI Program, click on "Go to CITI Program Training" to enter the CITI program

Go to CITI Program Training

(Valid MIT certificate required.)


Select I don’t have a CITI Program account and I need to create one. Then click Create a New CITI Program Account.

citi login screen
citi new account screen


Once you create an account, or if you already have an MIT affiliation established, you should see Massachusetts Institute of Technology listed. Select View Courses.

citi welcome screen


Now select Add a Course (depending on what courses you already have in your list, it may appear in different places).

citi add course screen


Courses for Massachusetts Institute of Technology are listed. Select the question(s) corresponding to the training course you wish to take.

citi curriculum screen


As an example, to take Undue Foreign Influence, answer Yes to Question #9 then Submit.

citi question 9 screen


You will be brought to the Main Page and can begin the course. Once completed, CITI training information feeds to MIT records overnight.

For more detailed information about these topics, including MIT policy, requirements and additional guidance, please see the MIT policy requirements and additional guidance webpage.