SHASS-Sloan-SAP-Libraries-Museum Research Ramp Up “Thunder” Committee

Committee Members

Chris Bourg – Director, MIT Libraries (chair)
Jared Cuhran – Sloan
Joe Coughlin – AgeLab
Rick Elberhardt – CMS/Game Lab
Tracy Gabridge – Deputy Director, MIT Libraries
Ben Olken – Economics
Graham Jones – Anthropology
Mary Leen – Associate Director, MIT Museum
Kalyan Pingali – VPR/Research Development
Dave Rand – Sloan, IDSS
Iqbal Dhaliwal – Global Executive Director, J-PAL
Kristel Smentek – Architecture
William Uricchio – CMS
Ariel White – Political Science
Helen Yap – Behavioral Research Lab
Jinhua Zhao – DUSP


Committee Charge

On June 15, 2020, the Research Ramp Up Phase 1 began. The focus of this ramp up was research activities that were dependent on access to laboratory facilities and equipment, for which research cannot be done remotely. In order to address additional research activity that is not dependent on laboratory facilities and equipment, the SHASS-Sloan-SAP-Libraries-Museum Research Ramp Up “Thunder” Committee was constituted on June  17, 2020. The Committee has been asked to advise the MIT administration on factors relevant to the ramp up of on-campus research in the Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, Sloan, and Architecture and Planning schools, as well as the Library system and Museum.  Issues of particular note include human subject research (on and off campus, the latter involving fieldwork), accessing and using tangible collections from libraries, archives and museums, and analysis of restricted data sets that must be analyzed on campus.  As part of the assessment of fieldwork, the Committee should establish guidance for travel related to the execution of Institute responsibilities. The Committee should also consider the re-population of on-campus facilities and offices as the public health situation improves, taking into account restricted access to buildings.