Research Ramp Up Lightning Committee

Committee Members

Marc Baldo – Director, RLE
Vladimir Bulovic – Director, MIT.nano
James DiCarlo – Head, BCS
Tolga Durak – Manag. Dir., MIT EHS Programs
Elazer Edelman – Director, IMES
Sarah Farrington – Core Facilities Administrator, KI
Peter Fisher – Head, Physics
James Fox – Director, DCM
Leny Gocheva – Asst. Dir. Programs, KI
Ronald Hasseltine – Assoc. Provost, Research
Tyler Jacks – Director, Koch Institute
Timothy Jamison – Former Head, Chemistry
Jackie Lees – Assoc. Director, Koch Institute
Jacob Levin – Director Res. Dev., MIT VPR Office
Aude Oliva – Executive Director, Quest, CSAIL
Nicholas Roy – AeroAstro, CSAIL, QUEST
Daniela Rus – Director, CSAIL
Dennis Whyte – Director, PSFC

Additional Members of the Initial Research Ramp Up Planning Committee

Suzanne Blake – Director, MIT Emergency Management
Lou DiBerardinis – Director, EHS
John Donnelly – Associate Controller,  VPF
Hilda Holcombe – Interim Associate Director, DCM
Colleen Leslie – Senior Director, Research Admin and Compliance, VPR/RAS

Committee Charge

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the MIT administration established policies to significantly scale back research activities on campus so as to reduce the total number of individuals traveling to the Institute and to reduce the density of individuals occupying laboratories and other research spaces. This process, which was completed on March 20, 2020 after approximately one week of planning, resulted in a greater than 90% reduction in the level of research activity on campus. The Research Ramp Up Committee was constituted on April 9, 2020 to advise the MIT administration regarding how to structure a return to normal on-campus research activities when it was deemed appropriate to do so by state and local authorities and MIT officials. The committee was asked to focus on research activities that were dependent on access to laboratory facilities and equipment, for which research cannot be done remotely.