MIT Campus Access During Research Ramp Up

Download a PDF of the information on this page: MIT Campus Access During Research Ramp Up 

Updated: June 15, 2020

Starting on June 15th at 8 AM, those individuals who have completed the requirements for returning to campus and who have a valid COVID Pass will be able to access the buildings that were designated by their PI/Supervisor. Each COVID Pass is good for 25 hours and requires a daily health attestation.

These buildings will only be accessible through specific Access Points that have card readers activated by the COVID Access System. A map of the Access Points is available on the MIT Covid-19 Information site.

Importantly, an individual’s designated building(s) determines which Access Points are active for their MIT ID card. As indicated on the map, the MIT campus has been divided into several color-coded Access Clusters. Any Access Point within a Cluster can be used if your designated building is within that Cluster (e.g. to get to Bldg. 5, use the Bldg. 1 Access Point or the one in Lobby 7). Access Points to other Clusters will not be active for that MIT ID card. Please review the map to understand which Access Points you should use.

If you are designated to work in more than one Cluster, you can enter through Access Points to either Cluster. In addition, at least for the week of June 15, once inside you can move from one of your designated Clusters to another through a common hallway. You should only move from one designated Cluster to another to do necessary work. Adherence to this policy will be monitored and MIT is prepared to close these transit boundaries if this expectation is not met. Proper adherence will facilitate the transition to Ramp Up phase 2.

All campus parking is open and free throughout the summer. If you park in the Stata Garage (Building 32), proceed to the 1st floor level and exit through one of doors indicated by the signs and barriers. You can then enter your Cluster at one of its designated Access Points.

Map of Building Access Points

If you experience difficulty in accessing buildings, try going through the following steps, in this order:

  1. Make sure that you are trying to enter though an Access Point rather than another exterior door.
  2. Make sure you that you have a valid COVID Pass for the day (if not, go to
  3. Make sure you that you are using an Access Point for your designated Cluster(s). (See the notice you received with your COVID Pass). If it's incorrect, contact your PI or Department/Lab/Center Headquarters to correct it.
  4. If you still have trouble, email or call the MIT IS&T service desk 617.253.1101.

All campus exterior doors can be used to exit campus buildings. Do not prop them open.

Don’t “tailgate” (follow someone thru an Access Point); each person must swipe their own MIT ID card.

Avoid congregating in hallways or common areas.

Resources for more information: