Committee On Research Computing


The Committee for Research Computing (CRC) is a committee of faculty from across the MIT schools sponsored by the VPR. It undertakes two functions:

  • Provides guidance and advice to the VPR on how effectively MIT is meeting the computational needs of researchers and on future steps that might be considered. In this function it aims to solicit and synthesize the needs of a wide spectrum of the MIT research community. The advice and guidance is used to inform strategic planning for research computing in the IT Governance Council.
  • Updates to the research community on developments in institutional strategy for research computing.

Executive Sponsor

The Committee reports to the Vice President for Research (Maria Zuber).


Benoit Forget, Committee Chair; Professor, NSE
Retsef Levi, Professor, Sloan
Andrew Lo, Professor, Sloan
Caitlin Mueller, Associate Professor, Architecture
Nick Roy, Professor of Aero and Astro
Greg Rutledge, Professor, Chem E
Bruce Tidor, Professor, BE and EECS
Robert Redwine, Professor, Physics
John Williams, Professor, CEE
Sarah Williams, Associate Professor, DUSP
Nickolai Zeldovich, Professor, EECS and CSAIL          

September 2021