Roles and Responsibilities

  RAS PIs DLC Admins VP for Research Assistant Deans/
Sponsored Project Accounting
Provides oversight and monitoring of the program RAS     VPR    
Develops management reports to track compliance; develops proactive means of notifying trainees of the NSF training requirement when trainee is charged to the award. RAS          
Identifies awards with RCR training requirement and notifies PI and DLC administrators via Notice of Award process   RAS          
Ensures that all students and postdoctorals supported on their research awards subject to the America COMPETES Act complete the required training.     PIs        
Regularly reviews monitoring reports to assist PIs in ensuring compliance       DLC Admins      
Follows up with DLCs in their area in cases where compliance is not met at a critical point. Takes corrective action as needed.         Assistant Deans/ Provosts  
Removes unallowable charges from awards            Sponsored Project Accounting