Training Requirement

The Institute requires that all undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, including short-term students and visitors, paid by NSF research awards subject to the America COMPETES Act MUST complete the CITI Course in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training in order for salary charges to be allowed on the award. This training must be completed no more than sixty days after salaries are charged to the account. Salary costs for individuals who have not completed the required training within 60 days are unallowable and will be removed from the account.

Oversight and Mentoring

Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that all students and postdoctorals supported on their research awards subject to the America COMPETES Act complete the required training. PIs will be made aware of the applicability of the training requirement through the standard Notice of Award Process.

Departmental Administrators play a key role in ensuring compliance with this requirement, consistent with all compliance activities. See the Roles and Responsibilities page for more information.

All training records will be transmitted from CITI directly into each individual’s official training record in MIT’s Atlas Learning Center, access to which requires an MIT certificate. To assist PIs in ensuring compliance with the requirement, RAS will regularly post customized reports to the RCR Reports web page. Reports include:

  • Awards subject to the NSF RCR training requirement
  • Individuals who have yet to complete the required training
  • All individuals at MIT who have completed the training

An MIT certificate is required to access these reports.

If the training is not completed within 60 days of the salary being charged to the project, the costs for the period in excess of the 60 days are considered unallowable. They will be removed from the award and transferred to the Principal Investigator’s discretionary account by the Office of the Vice President for Finance.

The Office of the Vice President for Research, in collaboration with the Assistant Deans of the schools, are responsible for oversight and monitoring of compliance.

Any questions about the applicability of this requirement should be directed to your RAS representative.