Accessing CITI for Additional Training

Quickcard: Accessing CITI for additional training

After you enter CITI through the MIT portal, you will be brought to the Main Menu. This page lists the courses you have chosen. The Main Menu also provides a number of Course Utilities designed to help you.

Note: You may also affiliate with another institution. The software will sum the requirements of both Institutions so that you need not retake modules common to the requirements of both institutions.

The link "Add a Course or Update Learner Groups” will take you to the enrollment questions and permit you to change your "Learner Group" by providing new responses to the enrollment questions.


Accessing CITI for Additional Training screen

MIT utilizes the CITI program for three types of training:

  • The Protection of Human Participants (IRB)
  • NIH/PHS Conflict of Interest Course
  • The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

If you have already completed the Human Participants or Conflict of Interest training, follow the steps below to add RCR training. You must log into training through MIT’s website to ensure that you are properly associated with MIT and your training records are transferred. The log on is certificate based.

You may access the CITI training materials by going to the CITI login page

  1. From the main menu screen you will see a list of your courses and their status (not started, incomplete, or complete). Select the course you wish to work on, by clicking the blue course title.

    CITI main menu screen

  2. Complete the required modules and associated quizzes.

    NOTE: When going through the training, if there is no activity, the session will be timed out and it will try to log back in with a CITI user name and password. To get back into your session you will need to go back in through the CITI login page

  3. Once the course has been passed and completed, there is an option to submit a voluntary, anonymous user satisfaction survey. You can also elect to return back to the Main Menu.
  4. You may print your completion report through the link: "Print" in the Main Menu. The minimum "passing" aggregate score for the RCR quiz is 80. A running tally is compiled in the Grade Book. If you want to improve a score on a quiz, you may repeat any quiz in which you didn't score 100 % correct.
    1. Print or download a Course Completion Report as evidence that you have met your institutional requirements. A copy will be sent automatically to your institutional administrator. You may return to the course site in the future to obtain a copy of the completion report.
    2. You can also see your prior training by clicking on “View Previously Completed Course Work”:

    View Previously Completed Course Work screen

    Which will bring you to the summary page:

    summary page screen