Import Checklist

Notify the shipper

The best way to help ensure the shipment arrives as quickly and trouble-free as possible is to have both the export and the import set up and aligned before anything is shipped — it's much easier to make corrections.

Restricted items

If the shipment contains any the following, permits or licenses may be necessary, and should be arranged before the item is shipped:

  • Biological materials
  • Hazardous chemical materials
  • Radioactive materials
  • Items from Cuba, Iran, Myanmar and most of Sudan

Temporary imports

Items that will not remain in the U.S. (items on loan, items being repaired, etc.) may qualify for favorable duty treatment or simplified licensing arrangements, if arranged properly and ahead of time. 


When using a package/freight delivery network (FedEx, DHL) for a simple import, the service should be able to deliver the package if it was shipped correctly and with without unexpected surprises ("DHL never told me shipping kryptonite might be a problem..."),

If not, arrange with the shipper to name Watchpoint Logistics ( on the waybill, and unless our broker advises otherwise route through Boston as the port of entry.

Contact information for Watchpoint Logistics: