National Industry Security Program - NISPOM

The National Industry Security Program, headed by the Department of Defense, is responsible for the security of classified information released to contractors and others outside the government, operating under the direction of the National Industry Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).

MIT does not conduct classified research on its campus, does not use classified information in campus research, and with the exception of one archive does not hold classified information on campus.

The MIT campus is a secure facility under the NISPOM, as a result of classified research conducted in the past, and as such is visited annually by a representative of the Department of Defense’s Defense Security Service (DSS) to ensure compliance with the NISPOM. In addition to controls for classified information, DSS is concerned about proper treatment of ITAR information, and may ask about items or technology on campus that appears to be in the ITAR scope. It’s important for MIT to be able to demonstrate that any such items or technology be properly controlled in accordance with MIT’s Technology Management Plan, and if they are excluded from the ITAR as education or fundamental research, for us to be in compliance with the requirements for those exclusions.

Need help?

Contact the MIT Export Control Compliance Team at, or by phone at 617-253-2762 (Janet Johnston).