Authorizing Purchases FAQs

  • The US Government limits exports to international destinations and also limits transfers of some technology and software to foreign nationals in the United States. The latter is called a “deemed export.” See Export Control for more information.

  • Please reach out to MIT Export Control at

  • The export control regulations limit tangible items, software, technology, measurement instrumentation. Previously published items do not need review.

  • No. Any items purchased from US companies might be highly restricted. We need to know its export control classification number (ECCN) to assess whether special training is needed to handle the item on campus.

  • Yes. We cannot order from comprehensively sanctioned countries or areas such as Iran, Syria, North Korea, Crimea, Cuba.

  • You need to find out the export control classification number (ECCN).

  • Please contact for a copy of the Export Classification Form.

  • Items that must be restricted from some members of the MIT community or require special protection are allowed only by exception. A Technology Control Plan to protect the item and its technology must be approved by the VPR. The TCP form is available on Forms and Templates

    Contact the Export Control Officer to get help with the plan.

  • ITAR is run by the Department of State and items are listed on the US Munitions List. These are restricted exclusively to US persons.

    EAR is run by the Department of Commerce and material is listed on the Commerce Control List. These are restricted according to countries and nationalities from certain countries according to the ECCN of the item.

    See Export Control Regulations for more information

  • Yes. It doesn’t matter where the items came from. Please contact the Buyer assigned to your requisition for further details.

  • It depends. The vendor always has to be vetted and depending on what you have to export to the vendor in order to get the service it may it may or may not be permitted.