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Office of the Vice President for Research

Vice President for Research Maria T. Zuber 3-234 253-3206
Executive Assistant Paul Schierenbeck 3-234 324-8177
Chief of Staff Karen Shirer 11-268 253-3491
Senior Advisor James Gomes E19-306B 258-9745

Research Administration

Assistant Provost for Research Administration Ronald Hasseltine 10-219 253-0386
Senior Director of Research Administration and Compliance Colleen Leslie 11-225 253-7086
Manager for Finance and Research Administration Lynn Hinds 10-219 253-0991
Director of Human Resources and Administration Jennifer Walsh E25-143H 253-4275
Senior Consultant for Talent Management Jeannette Gerzon E25-147A 324-0103
Director of Postdoctoral Services Dana Bresee Keeth 10-237


Director of Research Development Jacob Levin NE18-901 258-9624
Assistant Director of Research Development Cathy Borgesen NE18-901 324-6870
Compliance Specialist Kerry Sousa 10-207 452-2083
Paralegal Monique Victor 11-225 715-5516
Project Manager Corey Schenck 10-219 253-2855
Program Manager Lori Spindler-Brooks 11-268N 324-6611
Project Manager Pat White 11-268N 715-2037
Facilities Manager Thomas M Quinn E25-525 253-6715

Research Administration Support

Director, Research Administration Support Carol Wood NE18-901 253-3930
Manager, Research Administration Support Kim Mann NE18-901 258-6190
Senior Research Administration Support Specialist Ian Cariolo NE18-901 253-7260
Senior Research Administration Support Specialist Rosemary Hanlon NE18-901 253-3529
Senior Training Specialist Carole Trainor NE18-901 258-8225
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* The office addresses can be located on the MIT Campus Map.

** All seven-digit phone numbers are in the 617 area code.