Planning Committee On Biomedical Research (PCBR)


This committee was convened in 2008 to help the Vice President for Research and the Deans of the Schools of Engineering and Science assess and prioritize various new external opportunities in the biomedical area and, more generally, strategize for the future. 


The committee will meet at least twice per year.


The Vice President for Research (Maria Zuber) will chair the Committee.


The committee will be comprised of deans, department heads, lab directors and selected senior faculty in the biomedical research area.




Sylvia Ceyer Head Chemistry
Arup Chakraborty Director Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Science
Anantha Chandrakasan Head Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Jim DiCarlo Head Brain and Cognitive Sciences
John Essigmann Director Center for Environmental Health Sciences
Karen Gleason Associate Provost  
Alan Grossman Head Biology
Joi Ito Director Media Laboratory
Tyler Jacks Director Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Klavs Jensen Head Chemical Engineeting
Bob Langer Institute Professor  
Doug Lauffenburger Head Biological Engineering
Ram Sasisekharan Professor Biological Engineering
Phil Sharp Institute Professor  
Michel Sipser Dean School of Science
Charles Sodini Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Ian Waitz Dean School of Engineering
Staff to the Committee
Ron Hasseltine Assistant Provost for Research Administration Office of the VP for Research